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Union Alternative to be Featured in PBS Documentary

This just in from Union:

The Public Broadcasting System has produced a documentary film featuring Hispanic students from Union Alternative School in Tulsa and two other areas of the U.S.  They are showing the special challenges that many Hispanic students face when trying to graduate from American high schools, and they’re featuring programs that have been created to meet their needs.  The student from Union Alternative School who is being featured in this program is a parenting student and former dropout.  There will be a preview copy of the documentary shown at the Circle Theater in Tulsa this Wednesday at 6:30, and we would greatly appreciate any of you who are local to attend this preview showing and a subsequent panel discussion of the issues raised by the film.  If you are unable to attend the showing, please watch the national broadcast of the program which will be on PBS October 28. Thanks for considering this request, and thanks for all that you do every day to help students who are struggling to get through school.