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Make sure you get your money!

(Got your attention?)

If your district (or interlocal) wants to stay legal and get paid, make sure that your Alternative Education Implementation Plan has been certified.  You can check its status on your SDE's Single Sign On page.  Every district has to file one.  If all your paperwork is in order, the SDE will be sending your allocation directly to your district -- no need to bill them this year.  1/2 of your allocation will be paid in November and 1/4 in February and May, so be sure to get your paperwork completed this month.

Make sure all members of a co-op are listed, or you can't certify you plan. Sending districts have to complete their paperwork for the system to work.

If you are a K-6 or K-8 that would like to waive alt ed, there is a box you can check, but you still need to certify your report.

K-12 districts that wish to waive have to file deregulation papers first.