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Congrats to Union Alternative

Richard Storm, the Principal at Union Alternative, sent us a copy of his analysis of his test data. We've posted it below.  If you are proud of your teachers and kids, let us know!

     For the 2012-13 school year, Union Alternative School had 100 graduates.  All of these met ACE requirement for graduation, except for two who came to Alt Ed in December as seniors with no passing EOI scores.  Of these two students, one has now passed three EOI’s, and the other has passed two.  We will continue to work with them until they are ACE compliant.

     A Tulsa World article from June 11 showed that Union Alternative had more graduates than all of TPS’s alternative schools and Margaret Hudson combined.  Street School had 23 grads; Mag Hudson had 10; the TRAICE Academy had 1, Tulsa Learning Academy had 39, and Tulsa MET had 16 graduates.  Therefore, they had a total of 89 graduates, 21 of which were not ACE compliant.

     Union Alternative had the same number of grads as Webster High School; however, 25 of Webster’s seniors did not meet the ACE requirement.  Also, Union Alternative had more graduates than Central High School (90 grads, 21 of which were not ACE compliant) and McLain High School (90 grads, 12 of whom didn’t meet ACE).

     With 98% ACE compliance, Union Alternative had a higher ACE compliance rate than Central High School (77%), East Central High School (78%), Edison High School (97%), Hale High School (97%), McLain High School (87%), and Memorial High School (87%).  Of all TPS high schools, only Booker T. Washington had a higher percentage of Ace compliance than Union Alternative.

     Congratulations to all of the teaching staff, office staff, and counselors who work so diligently at Union Alternative School to give our students the ability to rise above the obstacles in their lives and go into the world prepared to be successful adults.