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New Program Evaluation Rubric

We have drafted a new rubric for evaluating the Statewide Alternative Education Academy programs. It addresses changes in the programs that we noticed last year (for example, an increase in the extent to which electronic learning is used).  It also combines the best of a checklist format (which a lot of people said they liked) with the 17 criteria that are in state law. 

It’s important to look at each criterion in terms of columns, not rows. We will make a single rating for each criterion based on which column is the best fit for the program. Your program might have features in several columns, and those will be checked, but there will be one column where the program fits bests.

A note:  Don't worry about the formatting of this document! To get this up for everyone to see as soon as possible, we simply created a Google Doc, which undid all the lovely formatting we had done in Excel. We can assure you that the version we send you after we have visited your program will be nicely formatted.

Let us know what you think! You can use the Comment section below, or you can email us at  We will finalize this rubric before we start visiting schools in September, and we will go over it in detail at the regional meetings at the end of September.