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Site Visits...Coming Your Way

We have received our contract from the SDE and we will be starting to visit alternative education programs after Labor Day. Kathy McKean, Celia Meyers, and Kelly Langley will be conducting the site visits and providing technical assistance.

Like last year, we will only be able to make one visit to most programs, but we will be available to provide technical assistance throughout the year. When we visit, we will be collecting information about your program (such as how many students you serve or plan to serve) and going over the 17 criteria in detail.  We will rate your program on each of the 17 criteria and go over those ratings with you.  (Don't worry; you will have plenty of opportunity for input.)

We will be available to you by email, text, and telephone throughout the year.  Feel free to call us (918.225.1882 or 800.687.5730) or email us anytime. (If we are all out on the road, you might need to leave voice mail, but someone will check that every day.) If you have any questions, this week would be a great time to call, as we aren't out on the road yet.