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Notes from the regional meetings

It was great seeing everyone at the regional meetings. A couple of things we promised to post about:

End-of-Year Survey

(For those who missed the regional meeting, we will be collecting student outcome information through an end-of-year survey this year. It is much less detailed than the student data reporting you have done in the past.)  We will be finalizing the End-of-Year survey this week.  We will post a copy here and we will send a mock-up of the survey to everyone who attended.

Direct Links to SDE Pages

Alternative Education --

ACE Resource page --  If you scroll down on this page to Testing Resources, you will find all the information on alternate assessments and ACE projects.  Links to the sample projects are here, too.  Remember, there's been a change -- your students can now work on and submit projects after failing an EOI only once.

(Speaking of alternate assessments, remember that your students can get free PLAN/ACT prep at It has advertisements, but no cost to school or students.)

Single Sign-On --  Depending on the permissions granted to you by your superintendent, this is where you can find a lot of forms and data.  This is where you go to fill out or view your Alternative Education Plan and the MyData and Early Warning Information System data sets.

Accreditation --  This is where all the lega-schmegal stuff is, including a link to the forms you need if you want to apply for deregulation or statutory waivers.

K20Alt information

The K20Alt website is here:  That's where you can find lessons plans for project-based learning and a lot of other things.  K20Alt sent a message out on the SDE Listserve today about the colloquia they are scheduling.  If you didn't get it, you aren't on the listserve.  To join the listserve, just send an email to Jennifer Wilkinson at the SDE and she'll add you.