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Alternative Ed Funds To Be Cut

According to the SDE, school districts will not receive their remaining payments for this fiscal year. They are being confiscated to pay for the Flexible Benefit Allowance. I asked whether the budget agreement that was announced today would solve the problem, and this was their response:

"Unfortunately, there is no option but to take the action on depleting the coffers to pay for the FBA. We are statutorily obligated to do so, and the legislature has told us they will not provide a supplemental for FBA for the current fiscal year. The budget announcement today refers to the next fiscal year."

So, unless a supplemental to fund THIS YEAR'S FBA is passed next week, all of our programs will (once again) be robbed in order to pay for another unfunded mandate. The fact that they are de-funding the alternative education mandate, at the end of the year, after all the work has been done and money spent, apparently makes no difference. The only thing that can happen to change this is passing a supplemental -- which the SDE says is not going to happen. If your legislator is familiar with your program, this would be a good time to let him/her know how this will affect you.