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Copy of this year's eval rubric

We have put a copy of this year's evaluation rubric, with the changes to the rubric highlighted, on our website. CLICK HERE to download this form. (It is in Microsoft Word. When you click, it will put the file in your Downloads folder -- or wherever you've told your computer to put downloads.) You don't have to do anything with the rubric -- we complete it when we visit your school. Remember that your rating on each criterion is a wholistic rating of which column best describes your program -- it's not a matter of counting check marks.

We haven't changed the end-of-year data reporting form. We will send you a link near the end of the school year, but it you want to know what it is we will be asking for at the end of the school year, CLICK HERE to see or download a copy of the form.

Reminder -- this isn't the actual form. The actual form will be an online Google Doc. We will send a link to each program director.