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Recent research: Dropout, dropin

The Regional Education Laboratory West recently conducted a study of dropouts in Utah, looking to see what happened to them over time. Using school records, they examined whether students who dropped out ever returned to school and, if they did, whether they graduated.

The findings won't surprise most Oklahoma alternative educators. The following bullet points are from the email that the US Dept of Education sent out to publicize the study:

• About one-fifth (19 percent) of students in Utah’s 2011 graduating cohort dropped out at some point during high school;

• 22 percent of those who dropped out had re-enrolled by 2011;

• Among those who re-enrolled by 2011, 26 percent graduated on time in 2011 and 30 percent graduated by 2013 (within six years of entering high school);

• The percentage of dropouts who returned to school decreased each year, and after returning to school most re-enrollees did not accumulate enough credits to graduate on time; and

• Black and English learner students were at greater risk of not graduating because of their higher dropout rates and lower re-enrollment rates.

You can read the entire report here: